Monday, February 8, 2010

Antique Doll, a sweet companion

    It's been a little while since my last post (school is crazy) but I'm never to busy for some virtual window shopping.  This week Innocent World made its "Bisque Doll Jumperskirt" in brown, black and a gorgeous sax blue.  The illustration on the skirt displays teddy bears and unique varietys of classical bisque dolls.  

    Bisque dolls have been around for centuries and remain a prize to doll collectors today.  Alot of Lolitas can appreciate the charm of having a precious doll, and many popular brands even release clothing for popular types of ball jointed dolls, which are popular in the Lolita community.  There are also several issues of the Gothic & Lolita Bible that publish Lolita patterns in doll size.  In fact, the some of the very first ball jointed dolls were French and German bisque dolls created in the 1800s.  These dolls did not come cheap, even  during this time period and were adorned with beautiful clothes represent the modern fashions and lifestyles of the time (not unlike Barbie).

For more information on bisque and porcelain dolls, I love the The Doll Dreamers Guild.


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