Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Classically Alice

In preparation of the upcoming 'Alice' meetups and such, as well as to test out my new dress form,  I made a sort of classical interpretation of an Alice one-piece.

Because of the almighting influence of disney, I couldn't avoid using a light blue, but I went with a more 'antique' shade of cornflower blue as opposed to the more common sax blue.  While looking for blue solids, I actually found myself coming back to print. It was the exact shade of blue I wanted, but it had little pink roses (or carnations?) with dotted white ribbons.  The print was small enough that the blue would still stand out and it was more visually interesting than the plain colors.  So I went with it.

As for cut and style, the skirt portion is a bit longer, just below the knee, and the bodice is rather fitted, emphasizing the waist, hopefully deemphasizing the chest. 

Since the classic illustrations of Alice had the so victorian pin tucks, I gave pintucks on the skirt a try.  I was going to do three but settled for two. It was my first time doing pintucks and I wanted to quite while I was ahead.  I used a basic sloper pattern for the bodice at first, but made many changes during the process.

Any, here my re-imagined Alice (minus the apron)

I added additional bows later.

And naturally, the Alice head bow.

My only concern really is the sleeves.  They look fine on the manequin but worn, they look a little big. 

As for the famous Apron?  Well I'm deciding on a style that would fit this dress.  

Here are a couple classic styles sold on Roses & Teacups, a charming Victorian gift store, that appeals to me.   Particularly the teacup embrodiery, very alice appriate.

As for shoes, limitless options.  The new film has Alice wearing a more traditional Victorian boot which is a fun idea, and there are several white Lolita boots as well.  There's also the traditional flats.  So many options.

Well those are my plans for a classical Alice, and the full outfit will be posted once complete. I'm excited to see all the other amazing Alice co-ordinates at the movie premiers (hopefully lots of classical styles!) and maybe Alice will finally be out of my system.


Shadow said...

Where did you get a pattern for that beautiful dress?

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