Friday, February 12, 2010

Crown & Crumpet in Wonderland!

So this is a post specifically for the Northern California Lolitas, and it refers to the wonderful teahouse "Crown & Crumpet" which has been a wonderful host to many a Lolita including official BtSSB tea parties.

So, my Mom and I went to Crown & Crumpet and the lovely staff there (who recognized me from my Lolita visits) Eagerly told me that Disney was officially collaborating with them on an Alice in Wonderland theme tea party!

So far they are planing on having three seatings and they're setting up all the tables in a 'U' shape so that every can see and talk with one another as a large group (they said since its a mad tea party every should be quite a ruckus!).  I suggested that the Hostess makes sure to shout "Clean Cup" every so often so that we can all "change places" and try different teas! hehe.  There will also be tickets for the film at the Century 21 theater in the Downtown Westfield mall available as gifts, and they will be receiving loads of Alice merchandise.  One of staff expressed interest in involving the Lolita community for this event specifically so hopefully things will get underway.  I have know doubt of this happening as many of the leaders of the Lolita community arrange many meetups and keep in close contact with them.  It sounds Like like a blast.  Interested parties should keep checking their website and the Ca_egl live journal post for more updates.


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