Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sewing break! building a 'life syle' wardrobe

Took a some time off from the busy life and did some.  I spent most of the day in faded baggy sweats thinking to myself, why can't I feel cute even on groggy days.  If only I had Lolita in other parts of my life.  I as I thought this I began to take notice of just how much of being classical lolita had seeped its way into other facets of my being, aside from wardrobe.  My growing interest in classical beauty had transformed my bathroom cupboard, and my fondess for afternoon tea and fingerfoods had transformed my pantry.  I guess it was only a matter of time but I began considering the possibility of being a life-style lolita.  Well,  its hard to do if you have a wardrobe my size so I suddenly had the urge to stary making clothes!  Starting with this...

I was so excited to have my Dolly style shoes that I had to have something to go with.  I had a dusty pink cutsew  so I dug up some old fabric that matched and went to town.
The pic doesn't do it much justice I think.  Oh and the lining was old bedsheets with a decent thread count so it feels very soft and warm, even without anything underneath!

Speaking of underneath, I made this...

With matching BLOOMERS!
(there's no un-naughty way for showing off bloomers XD)

I made the dress because I needed something comfy and simple for around the house, whatever, and had enough fabric and trim for matching bloomers. I'm so stolked, these are my first made pair of bloomers and I can't wait to do another, and maybe something for pajamas.

I started these projects, not just to rebuild my wardrobe, but because I'm moving into more of a 'Lifestyle Lolita' mode. Whatever that means.  There's a lot of debate on that and will be posting my thoughts as the weeks go buy, but for now I want to have pieces that work for every life and situations.  The top dress (which I"m calling my rococo dress as the print is of scenes of rococo women and men...doing whatever it is they do) is obviously not wearable to everyday events, but it is super comfy and can be worn out.  The bottom dress (which I call Rose in Cream) is meant to be more casual and practical.  I have some knit fabrics that will be appearing as outfits as well so check back for more 'life style pieces"


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