Monday, February 22, 2010

Mori-Loli: part 2 - shoes, hats, and more inspiration

Starting of the day

The biggest winner in my mori search was getting myself over to S.C.R.A.P., wich is basically a crazy person's basement.  SCRAP functions as a non-profit organization that helps lost bits of fabric, cardboard, paper, manneguins, biscuit tins, lamps, records, and the like find loving and caring homes with people who may know how to put them to good use.  
The biggest find of course was a giant bin of sweets charms!  I don't own any sweet jewelery myself as it seems to go better with sweet lolita, but these pieces seem to have an intrinsically classic feel.  The lack or silicone dollops of cream and glitter might help, along with the fact that they represent some lesser used treats such as crepes and danishes (not a cupcake or sprinkle in sight)  I always felt that alot of ama-loli style could cross over.
I also found some wonderful empty glass bottles in various forms, and some wonderful fabrics (one of which was used to create my 'classically alice' dress.

Well I'm quite excited to incorporate mori-style and to get some focus, I'm going start with this hat, purchased second hand.
 I also found THIS!

If there is anyway to incorporate an owl made of hay into a Lolita outfit, I will find it.
With these pieces as starter points, I'm just about ready to work on the main event, and put together and lucky for me there are many styles and brands coming out that incorporate these elements.  One of them is called Mielette Tautou.  I found this brand reading and watching videos and blogs about New York's Tokyo Fashion Festa and its looks like its going to be AWESOME.   Right now the "shopping" page is still coming soon, and I can't say if its going to be international but for now their gallery looks amazing. (photos from their website)
(drop waist yay!)
Even Innocent World is producing looks that and fit in with this newer aesthetic.
The biggest inspiration I got was the look of layers.  Now as intensely layered as Lolita already is, a lot of these layers aren't visible, so you don't get the same effect.  There is also a lot of texture involved in these outfits which I love, as I always feel I have to touch clothing.

So that's it for Mori-inspirations, the next mori-post will be of fabric and designs.  I'm also concurrently working on incorporating some "Dolly" style so their will be posts about that as well. 



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