Monday, March 22, 2010

Copy-Cat Check List

Yup, I'm copying the other loli-blogs and posting a check list for the Lolita because it has been too long since my last post and I'm honestly to busy to do a proper post. Yes that's right, this is a cop-out post but I will treat it with all the respect and integrity of my other 'highly researched' posts.

 Of course, this list is tailored for the Classical Lolita!

So don't forget, a Proper Classical maiden...

  • Loves to eat at bakeries, not look like one : P
  • Speaks eloquently, even when she's swearing.
  • Believes in natural beauty, especially when wearing fake eyelashes, nails, and hair pieces
  • Has her own vanity in her room, with a charming stool and all her brushes in a neat row, because no maiden would perform beauty rituals in the same room she poops.
  • Cuts all her sandwiches into tiny triangles, it tastes much better that way.
  • Won't take a scone with out a healthy dollop of Devonshire clotted cream
  • Loves rose flavored/scented...everything!
  • Thinks Shiro-Lolita could be improved if they were tea-stained.
  • Consider's a corset a staple undergarment, not an accessory.
  • Matches her outfits to her French bisque doll whenever she can.
  • When it comes to lace, less is more.  
  • When it comes to ruffles and gathers, more is more
  • Knows the difference between high tea and afternoon tea, and uses both appropriately
  • Knows the difference between a pannier and a crinoline, and uses them both appropriately
  • Just doesn't get the appeal of tea-party shoes, but loves a nice granny boot.
  • Keeps bird cages, even if she has no birds to keep
  • Sleeps in a chemise and night cap, a silk night cap, because its better for her hair.
  • Her home furnishing are usually more than 100 years old, or at least look that way.
  • Has very good balance and posture, otherwise its very difficult to turn up your nose at someone and look down on them at the same time.
  • Cardigans are cute, but a fur lined cape is always preferred.
  • Is a lover, not a fighter. But if she we're a fighter, it would be pistols drawn a twenty paces.
  • Might take a trip to Japan to visit her favorite brand stores, but can't seem to book a direct route to Tokyo via Airship.

If you've checked off 10 items or more, congratulations, you are far more refined than your Sweet and Gothic sisters, you are the crowning jewel of antiquity, a Classical Lolita.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspiration for Afternoon Tea

Just added a new link for my classical inspirations,  Tea Time Magazine.  This magazine is carried by Borders and other retailers of the sort and is perfect for any classical lolita who enjoys hosting a lovely party (or just making tea at home a little fancier).  The magazine feature spotlights on special tea suppliers, recipes for delightful afternoon treats, beautiful spreads for decorating inspiration, and tips on holding a successful tea service. The website itself is pretty sparse, save a few of their featured recipes, but you can order the magazine from there if your so inclined and theirs also a calendar of special tea events being held all over the country.

If you prefer to getting your inspiration in a more digital format, my second new link is for you.  The website Razzel Dazzel Recipes has a wonderful section on tea services including methods for brewing all types of tea and has all their recipes beautifully organized.  Its also an adorable web design.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lolita favorites in Remix

A quick post for lolita fans of cinema and music: Pogo has done my favorite movie!  Pogo is an artisit who samples soundtracks from films to compose unique and original electronic music.  Most notably ( at least for a lolita) are his video and audio remixes for Disney's Alice in Wonderland and my favorite, the Secret Garden.  Since these are two films very popular in the lolita community I thought I would post them here. 

Please visit Pogo's site for more music from these films.



Friday, March 5, 2010

March's Off Brand finds!

Brought to you by... time wasted at the mall, thankyou!

The Disney Store
Some great Alice merchandise...mostly.
Adorable teacup
but if you look on the back.
OMIGOD <3 attack!!  There's a scary pic of the mad hatter on the back (not a fan of ol' Johnny's look in this film)
Their jewelery line is much more of a win.

Forever 21
As usual, they're never short on nice cardigans and crazy accessories

Sock Dreams
Simple, yet hard to find at times, crotechets socks can make any co-ordinate a little more classic.  These come in great colors like olive and burgandy that match my classic color sets and are hard to find in socks.

These victorian style boots are better looking than their old, all fake leather style ( which looked a bit cheap).  The pumps are ver simple, yet with enough cute details to be charming.

Has a great line of fashion jewelery right now and more key pendants than even I could handle (well I probably could)

Also some Alice in Wonderland merchandice from Claire's and Hot Topic (proceed at your own risk: tacky and cheap crap ahead, may be difficult to find the items of quality without seeing them in person).  I would only recommend the socks and some of the smaller jewelery at hot topic, as much of the rest of the merch has a not cute Johnny Depp all over it.  As for Clairs, they're much better.  The crown ring is amazing in person and the drinkme bottle necklace is priceless.  The Alice cosmetic case is very charming and they have some stationary in that print as well (in store), as well.  Also not on the website are two grey Alice tote bags that wonderful, and more classic looking, illustrations.

Well that's what stood out for me this month.  Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleep tight young maiden

I've been on a pajama kick lately.  It's been so cold in my house this winter that I've been sleeping in sweats but as weather gets warmer (and now the the heater is working)  I'm dying for some cute sleep/lounge wear.

Here are some wonderful victorian styled and inspired pajama's!

The Chemise 
This has been the basic style sleepwear for many century's, as well as an everyday undergarment.  It's warm, comfy and gets the job done.  Depending on your budget, you could have a number of gorgeous details on these sleeping gowns including lace, embrodiery, pintucks and gathers, flounced sleeves and ruffled edges.  They can also be worn with a bed jacket.
To avoid the 'granny gown' effect, stay away from pastel flannel.  The simple white cotton is classic, elegant and has a sort of huanting feel.  You walk down your hallway in the middle of the night and your family/roomates are sure to think your a ghost!

The Camisole and Bloomers
The term camisole can refer to a number of garments, but is usually meant to describe a type of blouse worn under the clothes but over the corset/bra, usually for modesty.  these garments also make for convinient sleep wear.  They can have be sleeveless or not, and com in a variety of styles.  Bloomers were originally created to give the 'modern woman' something modest and functional.  They didn't really take off until bicycles became popular, and thus bloomers became more necessary.  They are of course a staple of Lolita fashion as they provide modesty for our modern short hemlines and are adorable.

(above photos provided by

Brand Name Sleepwear
Many of the popular Lolita brands have and still do, carry sleepwear (sometimes called roomwear).  Each brand has had a different take on the idea and there are a lot of options out there.  A friend of mine had the innocent world pajamas and the were unspeakably adorable on her (and she says they were quite comfy).  
If your not comfortable paying brand prices for something you won't even wear outside there are alot of wonderful seamstress on livejournal and etsy who will comission equally cute and snuggly Lolita pajama sets.  In fact,  if your feeling crafty, they're not very difficult to make on your own.  Since the look of pajamas doesn't change to much, you could use almost in basic pajama pattern (and there are a lot of very easy ones out there) and Loli it up with some soft eyelet lace and well place ribbons.

Now here's a fun nighttime fact.  On a Nova special on dreams, scientist discovered that if you go to bed thinking about what you want to do in your dreams, you have a fifty percent chance of making those dreams happen.  It's a useful technique because further studies have shown that you can actually improve at activities that you have just dreamed about, with out even practicing.  It seems that your mind is especially creative when your sleeping and it gives you the opportunity to look at problems from a more abstract point of view.
Now get your beauty sleep, and make sure you go to bed with lovely thoughts!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Look!

Update the blog to make it a little easier to read and give it a more 'dark romance' sort of feel.  If you do check this blog, please let me know if you like the changes, or if there are any format issues on your screen that are not showing up on my end.  Thankyou!