Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bonnet vs.Bonnet

Bonnets, while wonderfully versatile, don't seem to be the most popular headpiece, despite being available through almost every brand, and designed for almost every.  Why?  Well aside from personal tastes, they can have a dreadful "double-chin" side effect, or they may not flatter every face shape.  It usually takes a defined jawline and a delicate chin to pull it off.  Well I'm lacking in both of those qualities but I think bonnets are gorgeous and can be wonderfully classic seeing as how a middle - upper class lady of the Victorian era wouldn't have left the house with out one.
What started this obsession was trying on a friends BtSSB bonnet.  It was the standard brand half-bonnet;  floppy,  frilly with an under-the-chin bow and naught but a mere two inch comb to keep it in place.  Needless to say, it did not work, but it got me thinking of how something more structured might help. Well my prayer was answered at the Dicken's Faire ( a Victorian Christmas Faire held in San Francisco) when I found and purchased a true, victorian style bonnet.  These bonnets are wool, and stiff like hats.  They came in many colors and can be decorated with silk, flowers, lace, ribbons, feathers, tiny violins, pretty much anything.  The best part about this type of bonnet, is that the under-the-chin ribbon ties from the back of the neck, meaning no double chin, and its so much more comfortable.  Not to mention it never flops down and it stays in place.
Here it is! (mine is not yet decorated)

Now this was a great find, and a 50 USD it still beats brand, but it doesn't give you alot of  hairstyle options.  If your still desiring a fun, frilly version that's not quite so...obvious (as did I)   I've come up with THIS!

A half bonnet made with a headband that can also be tied behind the head.  I made it and here's how!

You'll need:

  • fabric (not much, 1/4 yd max)
  • two or more kinds of lace, 2-4yd (gathered lace will save time and effort)
  • a plain head band, 1" width or more
  • ribbon, 2yd
  • two fake roses (optional)
  • needle and thread (or sewing machine) and glue (glue gun or fabric glue works)

  1. fold fabric in order to cut two identical half circles with rounded corners. (the wides't part should be 5-7" wide, the narrowest, 4") Sew along the edges with the RIGHT sides together leaving a gap in the middle.  Turn right side out and sew the gap together. 
  2. Sew  widest lace all around the half-circles, and sew two more rows on one edge (the front) of the bottom.
  3. Sew more lace (gather if not done already) in rows on the bottom of the rectangle, with the widest ruffles facing foward.
  4. Sew (or glue) the lacey half-circle to the underside of the headband, lace facing down.
  5. Glue the ribbon across the top of the head band, allowing enough length to tie on both sides (this also hides the stitches)
  6. Now sew or glue on additional ribbons, bows, trims or flowers you may want to add.

Hopefully this helps bonnet fans!


Anonymous said...

I had a very similar half-bonnet as a child! Too cute :D

Anonymous said...

in step 2, did you mean the half circle? "rectangle" really threw me off, i think i get what you have to do, there isn't a seperate rectangle piece right?
Anyway, sweet tutorial, you have no idea how many times ive searched egl for a half bonnet tutorial that wasnt a floppy mess. this should be in the memories!

Poppy said...

Glad you liked it! and my bad, in step (2) I did mean half circle *Samantha-esque nose twinkle* and it's fixed! thanx!

Anonymous said...

I have been having a serious bonnet need lately and I think this will be the bonnet for me so thank you <3

Yasmin Allen said...

I had a similar idea a while ago! I made a full size visor from two sheets of cereal box, covered them in satin (inside) and velvet, added lace and then stitched it to a headband! Now I can protect my face from the sun in style!

タウンセンーパトリシャー said...

This is absolutely adorable and clever!!

Unknown said...

Would I be able to make this without the headband? Just curious.

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