Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alice is on her way...

So with the release of the new Alice in Wonderland film by Disney, there is new merchandise everywhere.  While I'll keep my reservations about the movie until I see it, I"m already looking forward to seeing the tidal wave of Disney couture.

Tom Binns is the designer behind the official Alice line of couture accessories.  Here's a little bit about him from his company's website:

Tom Binns has been designing, manufacturing and distributing jewellery for over twenty-five years. Beginning his revolutionary career in 1981, Tom Binns was and remains inspired by the early twentieth century Dada movement, the main theme of which includes deliberate irrationality, anarchy, and the rejection of standard beauty and social organization.

Deliberate irrationality?  Yeah sounds like wonderland to me.  His pieces focus on visual elements from the story and it mixes alot of different textures as well creating alot of charm bracelets and charm necklaces with some simpler pendant pieces.  Elle magazine did a spread of these jewelery pieces as well as couture gowns designed with inspiration from the new version of the film.  Kidada Jones is another designer working on Alice wares, her pieces being more inspired by the original animated film, and feels a bit more fun and whimsical.

Hottopic has been carrying some Alice merch for months now.  Unfortunately, very little of this more available and more affordable line is compatible with classical lolita.  It would be much more suited to punk/sweet/gothic styles.

As far as liscenced merchandise, a classic Lolita can pass.  There are much more elegant and vintage inspired pieces being hand made on Etsy, but its always nice to have an 'official' piece so in small amounts, some of these pieces can be incorporated.



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