Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January's Off Brand Finds!

Once a month I'm going to post some offbrand finds that can be considered classical lolita.

Todays finds are brough to you by forever21 and Target
Forever 21's (twelve by twelve)

These blouses could be worn with almost any lolita piece (so long the colors matched)  as long as you tuck the length of the shirt in under your petti so as not to push down the poof.

These see through blouse are very elegant (the picture does not do it justice) and worn with proper under/over garments, could work very well.  I just bout the pink/black mutton sleeve blouse and will post it being worn as soon as I find something appropriate to wear with it.

These are some pretty versatile sweaters.


Simple with a long ribbon. Would work for anyone!


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