Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meta goes classic with revival bouquet and old emblem

I mentioned the drop-waist style dress that Metamorphose produced early, but it seems their classical phase isn't over yet.  They've released several other styles in their revival bouquet print including the gorgeous Flare Sleeve Tier Dress pictured below with detatchable sleeves.  They've also returned to the classical bonet in a big way, forgoing the currently popular half bonnets (which are worn like an annoyingly floppy head band) and going for a more classical shape that covers the hair, with the brim facing forward rather than straight up.  Its not quite as glorious as some of the other bonnets I"ve seen but it would definitely fit a more modest bonnet wearer.

What most inspiring about Metamorphose Temp de Fille's return to Classical style is the attention to some historical elements such as the inner sleeve.  detachable cuffs are a modern Lolita staple, but were widely used in the Victorian period when the large bell sleeves were popular but a reserved lady didn't want to show off too much of a bear arm.  The also made the wearer appear to have more layers and lace on than they actually did, making their outfit look that much more expensive.

Meta has also just released its "Old Emblem" print.  While the dresses in this line are more the typical sweet style shapes, the print does lend a classical flavor to it that feels a lot like some innocent world prints.

I'm hoping that this is constituting a move back to some of the older styles of Lolita, that I feel were closer to their original influences, which made me fall in love with the style in the first place.


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