Monday, January 25, 2010

Lolita Sewing: useable commercial patterns

One way to get your dream dress is to make it.  Unfortunately, not all of use are skilled designers who can draft their own elaborate patterns, but there are a few (like me) who can follow directions and stitch in a mostly straight line.  So all we need are some decent patterns.  While there are patterns offered with every Gothic&Lolita Bible, they can be confusing and the sizing can be tricky, so here are some easily accessable commercial patterns that can be found at almost any fabric store or online.

Here is a list of commercial patterns I have found useful:

S=Simplicity, M=McCalls, B=Butterick Br=Burda, V= Vogue

Blouse & Cutsew

2501--- A very versatile blouse with several cute collar and sleeve options (on my wishlist!)
S 3684---blouse with tuxedo bib/ruffles, long or short gathered sleeves
S 3750--- top with elastic on sleeves and bust, good for blouse, cutsew, or replace the bottom with a fuller skirt for an OP.
B4988 --- this very cute, sweetheart top is a bit low cute to use on its own but would make and excellent bustier or bodice for a Jumperskirt.

M5800--- I haven't tried it yet (just purchased) but it looks like a perfect jumper with little alterations needed.
3673--- I've used this one, its retro, has a great bodice, flattering, but the skirt could be bigger though, I recommend making the skirt wider, and the pleats bigger and longer
S 2757--- Gothic dress with corset bodice. The short skirt is too short, and it can look a little too 'hot topic with the wrong materials
S 2832--- a costume, so the skirt is way to short for loli, but if lengthened, could work. Also, a usable Antoinette style bodice, simpler than more historically accurate versions.
B5315-- very cute dress with a peterpan collar.  I've used this pattern with no alteration and it made a very loli dress.  I later added length to sleeves and skirt and wore it to the dickens fair.  Must have.
B5317--- I've used this dress as a jsk before with good results. The bodice isn't my favorite but it works.

2862 --- A fitted vest for women, also patterns for handbags which is nifty
S 2536--- "its so easy" caplet and clutch purse
S 2517--- Unisex, Sherlock Holmes coat
B5265 --- Victorian Cape, Bonnet, Muff, and overskirt.  A Classical Loli Starter Kit!
B4419--- beautiful, frilly victorian cape with collar or hood
B5235--- Victorian style bolero
B4952--- Another Victorina style bolero, with short and long sleave options

B5285--- small and large pleat skirts.  Should be big enough for a petti, but haven't tried this one yet.
M5811--- Circle skirt, 'nough said.
M5631---A great skirt pattern that is bigger than it looks! (thnx to bella eternal on EGL for the tip)

S 2739---An adorable night gown and pajama set
S 2777--- Bloomers of three lengths, and a haunting gothic gown/blouse
S 2890---drawes, chamise, and corset.  I've been told this corset patter is useless for anything other than looking like a corset.

B4087--- Vintage aprons in many styles, including classic maid/alice style (with frilly sleeves)
B5370--- Severla wonderful historicall gloves
B5161---Full sized crowns, fit for a prince
M6047--- Many different types of fabric flowers great for corsage or headress
M5996--- and accessories package that includes a beret, fur collar, mittens, broach, and more
M5946--- Cell phone and ipod cases, ready to for Deco

If you find anything not listed here that will work, please let me know!
(also, please contact if one of the links is broken)

Now there is another list like this on Avant Gauche that I used to go off of, but it seems it has not been updated too recently, and many of the links listed are broken do to changes in the site, and the patterns being out of print. However, this does not mean these patterns are unobbtainable.  Many companies still sell whats left of out of print patterns on their website, and some can be found on ebay, and other websites.  I will try to keep this list as up to date as possible.


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