Thursday, January 21, 2010

Virtual Doll Lovelies

If you haven't found Poupee doll yet your missing out.  Over the summer I became obsessed (which is how you know its time for classes to start).  Now I'm constantly recovering old flash drives to find pictures of earrings and socks.  Here's the basics: you post picture of your clothes, accessories, or make-ups and you earn ribbons. These ribbon buy cute outfits for your avatar.  Our you could waist your dollars via paypal and get the ribbons that way (which i did once or twice, but only becuase it was a limited item).  It's like being a real shopper becuase they even have lucky packs.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

There are less intensive virtual dolls like the the Sailor Senshi or the Gothic Lolita makers.  They're fun and take five minutes to do.  The Sailor Senshi doll maker is the best by the way, good memories.


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