Monday, January 25, 2010

Mori-Loli: part I

I've seen some relations to Mori (or Forest) style and how it relates to Classical Lolita.  This style ties in very well with classical styles and motifs and would be a very interesting crossover that I hope to put together sometime soon.

I highly recommend a good blog post that was made on Lolita Charm on the subject.

When I came across mori type style my first thought was, "that's a some sort of special style? Doesn't almost everybody dress like that?" and the answer to that is 'no, just the college students in San Francisco do'.  Basically its sort of a vintage/antique, hipster-hippie vibe that's not unlike a pretty popular look here by the Golden Gate so I won't be short of inspiration or materials.  My first step was to stroll around the famous Haight-Ashbury district where its easy to find unique and out of the box modern and vintage pieces.  In an extra attempt to follow the ideology of the style I"m also picking up some used items and recycled materials to put my outfit together, along with using all natural fibers and handmaking my accessories.  Here's what I've come up with:

  • A lined velvet curtain (used, thrift)
  • crocheted socks (new)
  • felt hat with flowers (used, thrift)
  • ribbon bouquet fabric (left-over from old job)
  • Sweater knit fabric (left-over from old job)
  • eyelet lace pillow cases (used, thrift)
  • pink lining fabric (new)
  • dusty rose pumps (used, thrift)
  • various button, charms  (used, ~my grandma's old costume jewelery)
  • antique lace bits (used, craft fair)
  • cameo pendants (new)
  • vintage lacey slip, (used, thrift)
(would've taken pics but as you can see that's alot of stuff, so pics will have to come later)

Now, this post will be the first installment of my "Mori-Loli"  series, and to start I'm going to discuss my plans for a coordinate in this style that I will design and sew.  Hopefully the process (mistakes and all) will help others planning on putting together a new look.


Anonymous said...

Hi~ your blog is pretty nice so far! I am inspired by Mori Girl a lot now too and plan on incorporating it into my style.

Poppy said...

thanks! I'm diggin the mori too. My big plan is to make a velveteen purse that looks like a cute baby deer. I'm hoping It doesn't end up looking like the rabbit from donnie darko, that might be off theme...

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