Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspiration for Afternoon Tea

Just added a new link for my classical inspirations,  Tea Time Magazine.  This magazine is carried by Borders and other retailers of the sort and is perfect for any classical lolita who enjoys hosting a lovely party (or just making tea at home a little fancier).  The magazine feature spotlights on special tea suppliers, recipes for delightful afternoon treats, beautiful spreads for decorating inspiration, and tips on holding a successful tea service. The website itself is pretty sparse, save a few of their featured recipes, but you can order the magazine from there if your so inclined and theirs also a calendar of special tea events being held all over the country.

If you prefer to getting your inspiration in a more digital format, my second new link is for you.  The website Razzel Dazzel Recipes has a wonderful section on tea services including methods for brewing all types of tea and has all their recipes beautifully organized.  Its also an adorable web design.



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