Monday, March 22, 2010

Copy-Cat Check List

Yup, I'm copying the other loli-blogs and posting a check list for the Lolita because it has been too long since my last post and I'm honestly to busy to do a proper post. Yes that's right, this is a cop-out post but I will treat it with all the respect and integrity of my other 'highly researched' posts.

 Of course, this list is tailored for the Classical Lolita!

So don't forget, a Proper Classical maiden...

  • Loves to eat at bakeries, not look like one : P
  • Speaks eloquently, even when she's swearing.
  • Believes in natural beauty, especially when wearing fake eyelashes, nails, and hair pieces
  • Has her own vanity in her room, with a charming stool and all her brushes in a neat row, because no maiden would perform beauty rituals in the same room she poops.
  • Cuts all her sandwiches into tiny triangles, it tastes much better that way.
  • Won't take a scone with out a healthy dollop of Devonshire clotted cream
  • Loves rose flavored/scented...everything!
  • Thinks Shiro-Lolita could be improved if they were tea-stained.
  • Consider's a corset a staple undergarment, not an accessory.
  • Matches her outfits to her French bisque doll whenever she can.
  • When it comes to lace, less is more.  
  • When it comes to ruffles and gathers, more is more
  • Knows the difference between high tea and afternoon tea, and uses both appropriately
  • Knows the difference between a pannier and a crinoline, and uses them both appropriately
  • Just doesn't get the appeal of tea-party shoes, but loves a nice granny boot.
  • Keeps bird cages, even if she has no birds to keep
  • Sleeps in a chemise and night cap, a silk night cap, because its better for her hair.
  • Her home furnishing are usually more than 100 years old, or at least look that way.
  • Has very good balance and posture, otherwise its very difficult to turn up your nose at someone and look down on them at the same time.
  • Cardigans are cute, but a fur lined cape is always preferred.
  • Is a lover, not a fighter. But if she we're a fighter, it would be pistols drawn a twenty paces.
  • Might take a trip to Japan to visit her favorite brand stores, but can't seem to book a direct route to Tokyo via Airship.

If you've checked off 10 items or more, congratulations, you are far more refined than your Sweet and Gothic sisters, you are the crowning jewel of antiquity, a Classical Lolita.


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