Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sorry y'all!

Just wanted to thank everyone who may still check this blog for an update.  Its been a long and hectic couple months for me (I've been working on my thesis film for graduation) but to cut to the chase I am finished!

 Its a wonderful short animation about a young man who finds a mermaid which I will be posting this summer to tie in with my wonderful mermaid dress!  Here's the print, I love this fabric soooo much. The style of the mermaid is so unique (sort of reminds of a McKean sketch of Coraline) and the color scheme is so different from most lolita but I think it could work.

Anyway, please check in because some real posts are coming up now that I have free time again and here's some artwork to hold you over.  <3


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love the artwork! Are you the artist? As someone who loves to draw, I stand in awe! ^-^

I've always loved mermaids, so I'm happy to hear about your choice for the film! The world needs more fantasy in its life. ;)

Oh--just for a brief introduction, I'm a newly converted gothic lolita whose main involvement in the fashion (so far) is reading blogs like yours, so thanks for posting!

Poppy said...

and thank you for the comment newly converted friend! Glad you enjoy the blog and if you have requests as far content you would like to see feel free to post <3

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